REPROMEDICA is an IVF clinic with a highly qualified team of physicians, embryologists and laboratory technicians with many years of practice and extensive experience in their field. The team utilises the most up to date technological equipment. We are the only clinic in Slovakia to focus specifically on an oocyte donation program. Thanks to the clinic’s donor database, a client can select the most appropriate donor almost instantly and without the need for a waiting list. Treatment can then be initiated immediately.
The clinic provides comprehensive health care throughout this important life decision, where the coordination of the most up to date equipment, the most advanced treatment methods and a personal approach guarantees the best chance of success. From the first visit, the clinic’s doctors and embryologists will be seeking a solution „tailored“ for each individual patient.
The clinic is located in a pleasant, peaceful and relaxing environment. The Clinic’s advantages are its ability to act swiftly and the comprehensive information about treatment that will be available to every client.

REPROMEDICA is a clinic with the most modern technological equipment, including EMBRYOSCOPE and sperm analyzer software – „MEDEALAB CASA“, which allows objective assessment of SPG. 

  • Availability of donation programs without waiting: A database of donors allows the selection of the most appropriate donor without delay
  • Donated ova: The clinic’s anonymous donors are young, healthy women who have only decided to donate oocytes
  • Extensive database of sperm: Ensures the best possible match of desired characters between donor and recipient
  • Donating embryos: all embryos for donation come from young, healthy female donors.

If you are interested about our clinic or if you have additional questions, please complete the contact form. We communicate in English and will contact you within 24 hours.

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