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We specialize in combining high class medical treatment at world class cost with the beautiful and inspiring countryside of Slovakia, to allow you to enjoy what can otherwise be a difficult and often dull period of medical treatment.  We have access to excellent medical professionals, doctors and health workers, as well as professional health facilities. We provide medical services related to orthopedic surgery, cardiac surgery, assisted reproduction, plastic surgery and can also offer subsequent rehabilitation in the best spa in Slovakia.

We have access to the best clinics in Slovakia and can recommend the most experienced health professionals in their respective fields. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with reputable clinics we can also offer superior benefits and services at world class prices! We would also be delighted to help you and your family discover beautiful Slovakia while you recover, through arranged tourism activities, visits, and events, including travel and organization.  Leave all your worries to us, discover the magic of Slovakia and save up to half of the medical expenses.

We look forward to welcoming you in Slovakia.

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